Jagriti honoured with Shiksha Vibhushan

Jagriti has been honoured with “Shiksha Vibhushan” in a grand State Function at Birla Auditorium by Shri Ashok Gehlot, Chief Minister, Rajasthan on 28.6.19. Education Minister Shri Dotasara was also there in the function.

Jagriti has been awarded with coveted “Shiksha Vibhushan” for consecutively second year. Award has been given to Jagriti for its contribution of more than Rs 1 Crore in development of Government schools. 

Jagriti President Shri Jai Krishan Jajoo received the honour.

Jagriti has adopted as many as fifteen schools (and approx 4000 children are getting value based education absolutely free of cost) and developed them, which mostly includes construction of aesthetically designed Building, Classrooms, Toilet blocks, Water blocks, boundary wall etc, electric and water connections were given, all the classes were equipped with furniture, Computer Lab and Library too.

We try that students of our adopted schools are provided with 2 sets of uniform, shoes, socks, school bag, Copies, books etc absolutely free.If required trained teachers are also provided. To keep the school premise clean, sweepers and bais have been appointed.

It’s a matter of pride that our kids have performed exceptionally well in this years board exams – in 12th board 95% of students got 1st division. And are excelling well in their careers.

Vidhyashram school, Pratapnagar children visited our Jagriti Gyan Vidhya Mandir, Sanganer

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जागृति शिक्षा विभूषण" से सम्मानित

राज्यस्तरीय भव्य समारोह जो की बिरला ऑडिटोरियम में दिनांक 28.6.2019 को संपन्न हुआ, में जागृति को श्री अशोक गहलोत, माननीय मुख्यमंत्री, राजस्थान द्वारा शिक्षा विभूषण" से सम्मानित किया गया I समारोह में शिक्षा मंत्री श्री डोटासरा भी उपस्तिथ थे I

जागृति को भामाशाह सम्मान से लगातार चार वर्षों से नवाजा जा रहा है तथा पिछले दो वर्षों से भामाशाह समारोह में शिक्षा विभूषण" सम्मान से अलंकृत किया गया है I जागृति द्वारा जयपुर शहर के विभिन विद्यालयों में एक करोड़ से ज़्यादा के आर्थिक योगदान के लिए दिया गया यह सम्मान जागृति के अध्यक्ष श्री जय कृष्ण जाजू ने प्राप्त किया I

जागृति द्वारा पंद्रह विद्यालयों को गोद लेकर विकास कार्य कराये गए I इनमे प्रायःकर कक्षा कक्ष निर्माण, भवन निर्माण, शौचालय , बाउंड्रीवाल बनवाई , जल तथा विद्युत व्यवस्था भी की जाती है I सभी कक्षाओं मे सुविधाजनक फर्नीचर , कंप्यूटर लैब एवम लाइब्रेरी स्थापित की गयी है I

गोद ली गयी विद्यालयों में प्रायःकर प्रत्येक छात्र को प्रतिवर्ष निशुल्क 2 सेट यूनिफार्म, जूते , मोज़े, स्कूल बैग एवम सत्र भर कोपिया स्टेशनरी उपलब्ध कराई जाती है I

हमारा प्रयास रहता है कि शिक्षकों की कमी होने पर प्रशिक्षित अध्यापक भी नियुक्त किये जाएँ I साथ ही सभी विद्यालयों मे शौचालय सफाई एवम कक्षा कक्ष की सफाई हेतु कर्मचारी भी नियुक्त किये जाते है I

समय समय पर शैक्षिक भ्रमण एवम ग्रीष्मकालीनकैंप का आयोजन किया जाता है I

इस वर्ष राजस्थान बोर्ड की परीक्षाओं में जागृति के विद्यार्थोयों ने अभूतपूर्व प्रदर्शन किया है, 12वी की परीक्षाओं में 95% विद्याथी प्रथम श्रेणी से उत्तीर्ण हुए हैं I

Closing Ceremony
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Summer camp at khatipura on 14.5.19

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Today`s activity : English conversation and problem solving. Class-3. By Ria Arora.
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Disha got " the best documentary film of the year " award for her movie on Jagriti also her team received the award “the best film with a message “! Intach organises this film making competition every year to encourage students to make movies on traditions of India and also other inspiring movies…its a very prestigious award all over India and others parts of world like UK.. its a proud moment for us to receive the award for jagriti!

Prize distribution ceremony was held on 2.2.2019 for the Drawing Competition organized at Jagriti Balika Sadan School on 15.12.18 under the auspices of Syndicate Bank

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Balika kids throughly enjoyed the MetLife event at Tata Project Experience Centre today
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Christmas time - the fun time . What could be a better time to enjoy the Joy of giving and sharing.
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Republic day was celebrated with enthusiasm and full vigor in all our schools on 26th January 2019.

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Balika kids throughly enjoyed the MetLife event at Tata Project Experience Centre today

24 METLIFEians were there

80 kids from 3rd to 8th were divided into 5 groups; games like lemon race, tangdi race etc were played.

Christmas time – the fun time . What could be a better time to enjoy the Joy of giving and sharing.

A Drawing Competition was held at our Jagriti Balika Sadan School
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An event was organized at Govt Upper Primary School, Ganatpura
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FICCI FLO under their CSR initiatives arranged a bridal make up by VLCC expert for our vocational training
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FICCI FLO under their CSR initiatives arranged a bridal make up by VLCC expert for our vocational training
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Jagriti Ajmer chapter has given a new toilet block to our adopted Jagriti Govt Primary school, Kanadiya
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Jagriti Gyan Vidhya Mandir School kids visited the TATA`s Dravyawati`s Project Experience Center on 30.11.18
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FICCI FLO under their CSR initiatives arranged a bridal make up by VLCC expert for our vocational training
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Today 65 Balika Sadan School students and 5 teachers visited newly inaugurated Bhamashah Techno Hub.

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It was a unique thrilling experience for all.The most enjoying and memorable was ‘ 7D’ movie, large e-books, virtual, augmented pictures, virtual games and many more.Students operated Robot and danced with it.5 students won prizes in the quiz. (all the questions were answered) and all the students visited were given a T-shirt.Transportation and refreshment were sponsored by Riya, our volunteer.

All in all one has to visit to have the experience.

FICCI FLO under their CSR initiatives arranged a bridal make up by VLCC expert for our vocational training
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It is a matter of pride that Jagriti has been selected in Rajasthan by Maharaja Sawai Mansingh II Museum Trust for Raja Dulhe Rai Alankaran for outstanding social services.

The award was given in a glittering ceremony at the City Palace on 31.10.2018 by the HH Rajmata to Shri Jai Krishan Jajoo, Founder and Managing Trustee of Jagriti.

The award contained a Shawl, Kalash, Citation, Shrifal and cash of Rs 31,000/-.

Jagritias done commendable work in providing education and facilities to the under privileged children of slums. Has adopted 15Government and Private schools, as many as 3822 children are being given value-based education absolutely free. These schools adopted by Jagriti are model schools for State.

Shri Jajoo informed that Jagriti is Empowering slum women and trained more than 1200 women so far by organizing free of cost vocational training courses. These women are doing exceptionally well in their careers.

He added that nearly 7000 families have benefited in last 7 years from the JagritiAntimDarshinika which provides totally free services of keeping the dead for many days till the time of cremation.

He further added that Jagriti has also taken up the work of eye donations with a missionary zeal.

Jagriti has been recognized by the Government on many occassion. Few to mention are –

  1. Jagriti was awarded with National Award (National Youth Award) on 12.1.18. Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India was the Chief Guest. Jagriti was selected amongst the top NGOs across the entire country.


  1. Shri Jajoo was given prestigious State Cleanliness Award on 22.12.2016 by Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mrs. Vasundra Raje in glittering State Ceremony at Udiapur.
  1. Awarded with the Highest State Civilian Award for Excellence in Social Service by Government of Rajasthan on the eve of Independence day by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mrs. Mrs Vasundra Raje.
  1. Highest Government award in the field of Education “Shiksha Vibhushan Award" by Govt. of Rajasthan on 28.6.2018 by Shri Kailash Meghwal, Speaker State assembly.


  1. Awarded with coveted Bhamashah Award consecutively for two years on 28.6.17 (by Education Minister Shri Devnani) and 28.6.16 (by Mrs. Vasundra Raje) by the Government of Rajasthan for contribution towards developing the Government schools.
  1. Felicitated by International Vaish Federation on 30.5.16 for his outstanding contribution in transforming the lives of underprivileged children by Shri Rajendra Singh Rathore, Health Minister Govt. of Rajasthan.
  1. Was President of Rotary Club Jaipur Midtown for the year 2014-2015 and was adjourned with Outstanding President, won awards for various outstanding activities.

Mr Sandeep Jain delivered a very impressive and absorbing lecture on career to our kids of 9th and 10th class at our adopted Jagriti Govt Secondary School, Sanjay Nagar, Jaipur

We are having such sessions in all our secondary schools
Career counselling

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We had a very effective day at Jagriti Balika Sadan School.
(1) To be able to speak one’s mind out is really a blessing that not all of us have. But in today’s world, it’s more important than ever that we speak up because a mind without any opinion is like a gift from God that is just rotting
Debate competition and prize distribution for academic excellence at Jagriti Bailka Sadan School
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Our President Mr Jajoo in his one to one speech stole the hearts of students. He urged them to extend helping hand to the underprivileged kids. He insisted on a quote of “Jaipur padega to hi jaipur badega"
Students of MGD School participated in this year's Summer Camp at our Jagriti adopted Balika Sadan School

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“He would fight, he would love, he would steal, he would give, he would sing, he would dance,he would defend, he would save. But above all, he would always be there when we need him! 
 Today, 1.9.18, our tiny kids enjoyed  Janamashtmi, and celebrated the birth of Shri Krishna, the god of the gods, the vishnu, the protector, the Savior and our own maakhan chor, at 9:30 AM, at the campus of Balika Sadan School..
We all experienced tranquility and peace as we rejoice the birth of Krishna, and pray that we always learn from him and believe in him.
The performance of kids was amazing – enjoy photos and videos of sheer perfection of kids
Today, 1.9.18, our tiny kids enjoyed Janamashtmi, and celebrated the birth of Shri Krishna
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On eve of rakhi, 25.8.18 in nearly 2 hours, the students of Balika Sadan school designed beautiful, breathtaking and meaningful rakhees on themes like bond of brothers and sisters, Rakhis for specially abled brothers, rakhees for those without a family and for our brothers on the borders! Not only this, all the rakhees were made with already existing material, making these rakhees recycled from scratch. The students introduced their respective houses in creative ways like using poems and phrases in relation to their themes. All and all it was a heart touching experience for us as well as the students!

Fortis Hospital under their CSR initiatives have distributed First Aid Boxes in all our schools at Jaipur and Ajmer. Each and every class got the the first aid box. They will be re-filled once exhausted.Today they distributed the boxes at Jagriti Gyan Vidhya Mandir school, Sanganer.

Thanks to Fortis Hospital for their CSR initiative

The outing started with a journey in our beautifully designed Music Bus, the everlasting smiles on their faces says it all.

The experience at Science park was amazing, kids were brimming with energy.

They were enthused with joy with 3D movie, Taramandal, Virtual screen and so and so forth.

In the end mouth-watering food gifted by our volunteer Ms Sharddha Jain made their day.

On eve of rakhi, 25.8.18 in nearly 2 hours, the students of Balika Sadan school

Fortis Hospital under their CSR initiatives have distributed First Aid Boxes in all our schools at Jaipur and Ajmer.

Our tiny kids from Jagriti Government Upper Primary School, Santosh Nagar visited Science Park, Jaipur on 29th August 2018

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Uniform was distributed to the tiny girl children at Jagiti Balika Sadan School, C-Scheme, Jaipur. Cute little smiles says it all
Uniform was distributed to the tiny girl children at Jagiti Balika Sadan School, C-Scheme, Jaipur

An outing was organized for our Jagriti adopted Govt Primary School, Sahkar Marg on 9.8.18 at Science Park

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Independence day was celebrated with full vigor and happiness in all Jagriti adopted school.
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“An Inter House recitation competition" was organized at Balika Sadan on 31.7.18 at Jagriti Balika Sadan School. On the occasion HOUSES were announced for the first time in Balika sadan school. Houses were name on birds, namely, Starling (Blue colour) , Swan (Red colour) , Flamingo (Green colour) and Kinglet (Orange colour).

Tiny kids recited the poem house wise. Their confidence,, dialogue delivery,  voice modulation, hand-leg movement were amazing and perfect.

The tiny children were delighted to receive the uniform for the current session

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A skill development program was organized by ICICI Academy

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An Inter House recitation competition
[6] Flamingo Sr

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Fortis Hospital, Jaipur under their CSR initiatives distributed First Aid boxes to each and every class of our adopted schools
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हमारी रचनाएँ- A creative expression Sharing album of Jagriti Summer Camp

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Jagriti summer camps are ON with full swing.

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Mrs Neelu sharma, principal of government primary school

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THE HOLI was celebrated with full vigor and happiness

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A computer workshop was organized on 23.2.18

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Inauguration of newly build classrooms at our adopted
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Subash Chandra Goyal Memorial supported and Jagriti’s 14th adopted Government Secondary School, Hathroi’s building inaugurated
govt sec school then Io575

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An outing kids thoroughly enjoyed,grateful to the MetLife Global Operations Support Centre
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Jagriti Ngo receives the very prestigious NATIONAL AWARD “National Youth Award “in the program inaugurated by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Award was given by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Yogi Adityanath.

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Teachers day
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Inauguration of Vocational training Center
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Eye Screening Camp

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Great Saturday activities

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Independence day celebrations
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Tree plantation
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Elocution at our Jagriti Govt Secondary school Sushilpura
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Media coverage of elocution on ethics and honesty

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Red Day Celebrations at Jagriti Balika Sadan School.

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“School Fete” was organized at Jagriti Gyan Vidhya Mandir
20171112 090109

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Children’s day was celebrated with full enthusiasm and energy
Children’s day was celebrated with full enthusiasm and energy in all our adopted schools on 14th November 2017 – kids thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

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An eye screening camp was organized on 15.11.2017 Jagriti Govt Secondary school, Sushilpura
An eye screening camp was organized on 15.11.2017,  in joint collaboration of RPG Foundation, Bhoruka Charitable Trust and Sight Savers at Jagriti Govt Secondary school, Sushilpura – eye of 400 students were checked –power spectacles will also be given to the students after 3 days.

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Eye screening camp was organized at Jagriti Govt Secondary school, Sanjay Nagar on 16.11.2017
An eye screening camp was orgfanized at Jagriti Govt Secondary school, Sanjay Nagar on 16.11.2017 by Bhoruka Charitable Trust, RPG Foundation and Sightsavers. 188 students of class 6th to 10th were checked and 28 were given power specs.

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Inter House Quiz Competition
An Inter House Quiz Competition was held at Jagriti Gyan Vidhya Mandir School, Sanganer on 18.11.17.Team of three students from each house (Ujjain,  Sanchi, Takshila and Nalanda) participated in this inter house Quiz Competition. In furtherance to it, in future, we will have Inter School Quiz Competition amongst Jagriti Schools.

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Parent Teacher Meeting
 A Parent Teacher Meeting No. 3 was held at Jagriti Balika Sadan school on 18.11. 2017, as many as 145 parents turned up, which is a very good sign and shows that they have start caring their kids.

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Team Jagriti and our wonderful children wish their Jajoo sir (Mr Jai Krishan Jajoo, President, Jagriti) a very happy bda