1. What is Jagriti ?

Jagriti is a non-profit charity organization based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan (India).

2. What is the mission & vision of Jagriti ?

The mission of Jagriti is to empower the underprivileged children, youth and women through education, skill development and market focused livelihood programs. Jagriti has always envisioned to eradicate illiteracy amongst children across slums to uplift and enable them by imparting quality education and vocational training to their families, for a happy and dignified life.

3. How old is Jagriti ?

Jagriti was started in 2001 when Gujarat was hit by one of the worst earthquakes in history. 16 friends from Jaipur came together to send material to aid the distressed. This incident made these friends realize their role and duty as citizens in the process of nation building. This led to the inception of Jagriti to work for the upliftment of underprivileged.

4. Who are the persons behind Jagriti ?

Jagriti is a charitable public trust founded by Sri Jai Krishan Jajoo and consists of 16 trustees. It is guided by a Board of Advisors consisting of renowned persons from the fields of education, art & culture, Trade & industry, bureaucracy and social service. The Education Committee consisting of experienced persons from academics takes care of the teaching standards in the schools. Our core team consisting of dedicated volunteers looks after the other activities of Jagriti. The details of all these persons are available in other section of this website.

5. Which areas Jagriti work in ?

Jagriti works in the field of children education, women empowerment through skill development, blood & organ donation, environment protection. It also runs 14 mobile air-conditioned mortuaries called “Jagriti Antim Darshanika” in Jaipur and Ajmer.

6. What is the education model of Jagriti ?

Jagriti adopts defunct government and private schools situated in slum areas. It takes care of entire infrastructure, teachers and staff requirements, books, stationary, uniforms and mid-day meals of children. Nothing is charged from students. Everything is provided free of cost. Some schools are primary while others are secondary and higher secondary, following Rajasthan State Education Board curriculum.

7. Who are the target beneficiaries of Jagriti schools ?

Underprivileged children residing in slums around the schools irrespective of cast, creed, religion or sex.

8. How the quality education is ensured in Jagriti schools ?

Jagriti ensures proper infrastructure and high teaching standards in all the adopted schools. Immediately after adoption, school building is repaired & renovated; additional classrooms are constructed. Each classroom is furnished. Separate toilet blocks for girls, boys and staff are built. Water station with water filter plant is set up. Computer lab and library are set up in each school. Sufficient number of qualified teachers are appointed. There are separate committees of experienced people to supervise the infrastructure requirements and to ensure the quality education in each school.

9. How many children are studying in Jagriti schools ?

At present, Jagriti runs 14 schools with 3404 children enrolled across Jaipur and Ajmer. Details of all the schools are provided in separate section of this website.

10. What is the basis of admission in Jagriti schools ?

All the children in our schools come from very very poor families living in surrounding slums. Some were rag pickers or child laborers contributing to the meager family income. Parents couldn’t afford their education expenses. Our volunteers go to each and every household in the slum, enroll them, explain them the value of education and the facilities provided in Jagriti schools free of cost. They are motivated to send their children to the school. After a couple of years, once the school is fully functional, our children are our brand ambassadors and inspire other children to join them.

11. How much fees or any other amount is charged from the children in Jagriti schools ?

Nothing is charged for anything from any child in all our schools. Every year we provide every child – two sets of school uniforms (trousers/ knickers & shirts for boys and skirts – shirts/ salwar suits for girls), sweater in winter, one pair of shoes & socks, belt, ribbons, books & stationary and one school bag. Every child is given mid-day meal sourced from Akshay Patra. All absolutely free.

12. How Jagriti changes the life of underprivileged ?

Apart from imparting quality education to the underprivileged children of slums, Jagriti also works for the all-round development of slums and their residents through its clean & green drive. They are helped in cleaning their surroundings and provided infrastructure needs. Jagriti regularly organizes health checkup camps and programs for tree plantation. It also helps them in getting employment by providing vocational training at its skill development centers.

13. What types of vocational training are provided by Jagriti ?

Stitching, gem polishing and beauty parlor courses are run free of cost for the girls/women of slums at our skill development centers. 425 girls and women have been trained so far at our two centers who are now financially supporting their families.

14. What is “Jagriti Antim Darshanika”?

Jagriti Antim Darshanika”(JAD) is a mobile mortuary which consists of a transparent refrigeration unit and preserves the dead body upto 30 days at -10 degree Celsius. It prevents the body from any infection & decomposition and hence facilitates delayed funeral. It has an added advantage of lengthening the optimum duration for eye donation from 4 hours to 24 hours.

15. What is the fees charged for JAD ?

JAD is a 24×7 free of cost service provided by Jagriti in the cities of Jaipur and Ajmer. At present 14 JADs are in operation in these two cities and have served thousands of families in last 5 years.

16. What is the source of funding for Jagriti ?

Entire fund comes as donation from Corporates, Individuals and Institutions within and outside country.

17. Does Jagriti has FCRA registration to accept donation from abroad ?

Yes! Jagriti has valid FCRA registration. Certificate is available in other section of this website.

18. What are the tax benefits to the donors of Jagriti ?

Jagriti is registered u/s 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act as a non profit charitable organization. All donations ( cash upto Rs.2000/-) are eligible for tax benefits u/s 80G of Income Tax Act. Relevant certificates are available in other section of this website.

19. How can I donate to Jagriti ?

You can donate by cash/ cheque/ draft or through digital modes on-line. Details are available in other section of this website.

20. Can one donate in kind ?

Yes! One can donate prescribed school uniforms, books, school bags, sweaters, computers etc in consultation with Jagriti. Old or used goods are not accepted.

21. How much should I donate ?

Starting from the annual education expenses of one child ( Rs.12000/-) you can donate for as many children as you like. You can also donate for the mid-day meals of children or for the infrastructure development of the schools. The details of different plans and projects are available in other section of this website.

22. To whom I can contact for giving donations ?

You can donate online through the secured payment gateway available on this website. You can also donate online directly to the bank account of Jagriti, details of which are available in other section of this website. You can contact the persons authorized by Jagriti, details of whom are available in other section of this website.

23. How will I receive the receipt of donation made to claim tax benefits ?

The receipt will be sent to the donor through courier. Soft copy may also be sent by email if email Id provided.

24.Whether the donor’s information is kept safe and secured by Jagriti ?

If any donor doesn’t want his information to be publicly disclosed, we keep his information completely safe and secured.

25. Is it possible for a donor to meet the beneficiary personally ?

There is no specific beneficiary for any donation. The amount is used for the education of all the children. Any donor can visit any Jagriti school and meet the children after permission of the Principal of that School, preferably on Saturdays.

for the underprivileged children across slums. Jagriti also strives for women empowernment and is running two skill development centres where vocational training courses of stiching, gem polishing and beautician are provided to the women residing in slums around Jagriti schools.